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[Social Robotics] [default] Interdisciplinary collaborations

Sethu Vijayakumar

Interdisciplinary collaborations with Social Sciences Departments s.a.: Museology study of the potential roles of robots in the museum space, and the perception of robots by the public, with the Identity, Politics, Society and Spaces (IPSE) group: 300 questionnaires results presented at the Namur Museums conference 2016. Modeling and improving Human Robot Interaction (HRI) using conversation analysis and dialogism (reciprocal dynamics of real-time interactions) with the Science of Education & Society ECCS group. Upcoming publication in the International Journal of Social Robotics, 2017, Arend, Sunnen, Caire, Eyjelfson and Voos, „Investigating breakdowns in HRI: a CA guided single case study of a human-NAO communication in a museum environment“. Public Seminar at Mudam: May 2016. Interactive Media study of multi modal human-robot interaction and interaction models using Activity theory, with the Digital Interaction and Communication Analysis (DICA) group of Dr Max. On going work and joint presentation with Ville de Luxembourg Art Historian and museologue MP Jungblutt, at the 2016 Digital Museums conference in Liege.

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