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[Social Robotics] [default] Post Issue with downloading firmware to Vexnet Joystick

Sethu Vijayakumar

I am currently trying to download code onto my Vex Cortex Controller but I am running into a problem.
Every time I try to download the code an error message pops up that reads:"Vex Cortex Controller Master Firmware Version (0.0) is out of date (3.23) Upgrade Required."To fix this I went to : Robot > Download Firmware > Automatically Update Vexnet Joystick
This action attempts to install the new 3.23 standard file, but states that the firmware is already updated.
I try this again by manually updating the joystick firmware and receive a message that it has been successfully installed.However, when I go back to compile and download the Dual Joystick control code, I again receive the error message that the firmware is out of date.I have tried re-configuring the joystick, using the firmware upgrade utility and trying this whole thing out with another joystick. I am not having these problems with the cortex. Any help or suggestions you can offer would be great.

Please help.

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