[Social Robotics] [default] Prototyping a robotics simulator: some questions

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[Social Robotics] [default] Prototyping a robotics simulator: some questions

Sethu Vijayakumar

I'm working in a French robotics lab (LAAS-CNRS), and we are currently surveying several technologies to develop a new simulation platform.I use Blender since a while for other purposes and I'm now investigating the BGE for this simulation project.
2 technical questions first: my first attempt was to simulate a "laser scanner" (a device which casts laser rays and get back distances of objects around the robot). First a simple Python script generates a mesh (an half disc made of, let say 20 vertices). Then, I use an "Always" sensor linked to another script to update the mesh according to collisions with surrounding objects (I use the KX_GameObject.rayCast() method of Blender 2.47).

Please help. 

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