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[Social Robotics] [default] Top 5 Effective Learning Methods

Sethu Vijayakumar
1 Clearly define goals and have the right learning attitude

You know that if you want to be successful in study or in any other job, the first thing you have to do is set a main goal, only when you have a specific goal will you be motivated to try to accomplish the goal. there. You must clearly define who you are studying for? how to learn? And learn for what? That's how you get the desired result. For example, if a friend has a specific dream that he wants to pass the university entrance exam later, he will have to work hard to achieve that dream, it is much better than someone who has no goal.

It is necessary to develop a serious study attitude, pay attention to the lesson, focus on not playing while studying. In the learning process, it is not possible to work alone to be effective.

2 Have the right learning method

There are many different learning methods, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so how to use each method effectively is an important issue. For example, when studying natural subjects, it is necessary to have a different method than studying social subjects, learning creative thinking subjects is different from subjects that require memorization and practical understanding. There is a subject that applies from reality in daily life... so the correct identification and selection plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of the subject.

If the students are confused and do not know how to choose, they should directly ask the teachers, teachers or parents, they are experienced people who will surely guide them correctly.

3 Choose the right time and space

There are many parents who "force" their children to study a lot, specifically when they come back from school, they immediately go to the classroom, so it is not good at all, it will create fatigue. , too much pressure, and cramming too much into the children's heads, the efficiency will not be high, it can make them prone to misleading knowledge, making it difficult to absorb the lessons in class because they are too tired when at home. Therefore, it is necessary for them to have time to rest and have fun after stressful periods of studying in class, so that when the mind is comfortable, the absorption of the lesson will be very fast. ai dungeon

The second thing is that the study space needs to be carefully prepared for the children, a quiet space to avoid being disturbed so that the students can concentrate. Usually they study the old lesson in the evening, but they can also refer to studying in the early morning which is quite effective.

4 Study groups

Each student has their own strengths and limitations, because no one is perfect, some are good at this subject, some are good at that subject, so it is very good for them to learn and exchange groups together. , can complement each other with knowledge that you know the other doesn't know. Group study is also a quite useful solution to help children remember for a long time, sometimes just by arguing back and forth, they can remember the knowledge of the lesson, very useful.

However, it should also be noted that a group of students who study at home should only be 4-5 students, not too many, because too many can make them busy playing and forget the main task is to exchange lessons. .

5 Take advantage of the mass media, books, the Internet

With the strong development of science and technology, most of the children have been exposed to the Internet, which is also a good thing because through these means it helps them to have a more diverse, more dimensional view. the knowledge in the book is not lacking but it is not superfluous, taking advantage of the best supplementary means as a basis for students to see more dimensions, especially the social sciences, about human life, or You can also find good solutions to a problem, how to refer to a good article...

But to be effective, it is also necessary to closely monitor and control the parents to avoid the case that the children use the Internet as an excuse but not to study.