International Conference on Social Robotics


Best Paper

Best Paper: Making Turn-taking Decisions for an Active Listening Robot for Memory Training. Martin Johansson, Tatsuro Hori, Gabriel Skantze, Anja Hothker, and Joakim Gustafson.

Best Paper Finalist: The Influence of Robot Appearance and Interactive Ability in HRI: A Cross-Cultural Study. Kerstin Sophie Haring, Mari Velonaki, David Silvera-Tawil, and Katsumi Watanabe.

Best Paper Finalist: Introducing IOmi - A Female Robot Hostess for Guidance in a University Environment. Eiji Onchi, Cesar Lucho, Michel Siguenza, Gabriele Trovato, and Francisco Cuellar.

Best Student Paper

Best Student Paper: Robust Children Behavior Tracking for Childcare Assisting Robot By Using Multiple Kinect Sensors. Bin Zhang, Tomoaki Nakamura, Rena Ushiogi, Takayuki Nagai, Kasumi Abe, Takashi Omori, Natsuki Oka, Masahide Kaneko.

Best Student Paper Finalist: Comparing Ways to Trigger Migration between a Robot and a Virtually Embodied Character. Elena Corina Grigore, Andre Pereira, Jie Jessica Yang, Ian Zhou, David Wang, Brian Scassellati.

Best Student Paper Finalist: Other-oriented Robot Deception: How can a robot's deceptive feedback help humans in HRI? Jaeeun Shim, Ronald Arkin.

Best Robot Design, Hardware Category

1st Place: Fusi: Social agent that helps people with stage fright to face a public through qualified practice. Abraham Ponce Requena, Diego Quiroz, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

2nd Place: Asana: Robot for body stretching class. Maria Fernanda Lau, Hector Oscanoa, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

3rd Place: Affetto: Child Android Robot. Hisashi Ishihara, Osaka University, Japan

Best Robot Design, Software Category

1st Place: SIMU: Social agent for hospitalized children with cancer. Akie Manrique, Kiomy Tamura, Carlos Terranova, Danna Arias, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

2nd Place: JARI Project: Joint Attention development through Robotic Interactions. Marlene Bustamante, Danna Arias, Miguel Moscoso, Marilia Baquerizo, Ericka Madrid, Diego Quiroz, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

3rd Place: Lighttlee: Social Companion for Children in Night. Helen Jara, Tetsu Tokumine, Katherine Swayne, Rodrigo Vega, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

Best Robot Design, Innovative Idea Category

Social Robot with a Conscience. Meg Tonkin, University of Technology Sydney

The Social WATER: Water Awareness Teaching and Educational Robot. Mehdi Hatefipoor, Alireza Taheri, Ali Meghdari, Minoo Alemi, Sharif University of Technology, Iran

Best Robot Design, Special Recognition

NAMIDA0: A Social Robot Platform for Personalised Interactive Creatures. Soshi Yoshikawa, Nihan Karatas, Michio Okada, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan; Keiko Shimazaki, Chihiro Sannomiya, Kazunari Nawa, TOYOTA InfoTechnoloy Center, Japan

GALEF- your loyal guide to a healthy life. Midori Sanchez, Marcela Gonzales, Pontifical Catholic University of Peru