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The workshops will take place on the 27th of October 2013. The workshop programme will be published by the workshop organisers. The main conference will take place on the 28th and 29th of October 2013.

A registration and drinks reception will take place at Armada House on Sunday, October 27th from 18:30h to 20:30h.

Download the conference pogramme as a pdf document here.

ICSR 2013 Programme
Sunday 27 October 2013
Workshops (see workshop programmes)
Monday 28 October Tuesday 29 October
08:45h to 09:00h Conference opening and welcome
09:00h to 10:00h Key Note from Rolf Pfeifer 09:00h to 10:00h Key Note from Qiang Huang
10:00h to 10:30h Coffee 10:00h to 10:30h Coffee
Oral session A: “Companionship” Oral session D: “Perception of robots”
10:30h to 10:50h Playful Interaction with Voice Sensing Modular Robots
B.Heesche, E.MacDonald, R.Fogh, M.Pacheco & D.Christensen
10:30h to 10:50h “It Don’t Matter If You’re Black or White”? Effects of Robot Appearance and User Prejudice on Evaluations of a Newly Developed Robot Companion
F.Eyssel & S.Loughnan
10:50h to 11:10h Sharing spaces, sharing lives – the impact of robot mobility on user perception of a home companion robot
D.Syrdal, K.Dautenhahn, K.Koay, M.Walters & W.Ho
10:50h to 11:10h The Good, The Bad, The Weird: Audience Evaluation of a “Real” Robot in Relation to Science Fiction and Mass Media
U.Bruckenberger, A.Weiss, N.Mirnig, E.Strasser, S.Stadler & M.Tscheligi
11:10h to 11:30h A Humanoid Robot Companion for Wheelchair Users
M.Sarabia & Y.Demiris
11:10h to 11:30h Effects of Politeness and Interaction Context on Perception and Experience of HRI
Maha Salem, Micheline Ziadee, Majd Sakr
11:30h to 11:50h Coping with stress by using social robots as emotion-oriented tools: Potential factors discovered from Stress Game experiment
T. Dang & A.Tapus
11:30h to 11:50h Bodily Mood Expression: Recognize Moods from Functional Behaviors of Humanoid Robots
J.Xu, J.Broekens, K.Hindriks & M.Neerincx
12:00h to 12:30h Poster Session A 12:00h to 12:30h Poster Session B
12:30h to 13:30h Lunch 12:30h to 13:15h Lunch
Oral session B: “Young and Old” Oral session E: “Spatial awareness”
13:30h to 13:50h Robot-Mediated Interviews: Do robots possess advantages over human interviewers when talking to children with special needs?
L.Wood, K.Dautenhahn, H.Lehmann, B.Robins, A.Rainer & D.Syrdal
13:15h to 13:35h Qualitative Design and Implementation of Human-Robot Spatial Interactions
N.Bellotto, M.Hanheide & N.Van de Weghe
13:50h to 14:10h Child-Robot Interaction: Perspectives and Challenges
T.Belpaeme, P.Baxter, J.de Greeff, J.Kennedy, R.Read, R.Looije, M.Neerincx, I.Baroni & M.Zelati
13:35h to 13:55h Teleoperation of Domestic Service Robots: Effects of Global 3D Environment Maps in the User Interface on Operators’ Cognitive and Performance Metrics
M.Mast, M.Spanel, G.Arbeiter, V.Stancl, z.Materna, F.Weisshardt, M.Burmester, P.Smrz & B.Graf
14:10h to 14:30h Exploring requirements and alternative pet robots for robot assisted therapy with older adults with dementia
M.Heerink, A.Jordi, M.Valenti-Soler, P.Martinez-Martin, J.Zondag, C.Smits & S.Anisuzzaman
13:55h to 14:15h Social Navigation - Identifying Robot Navigation Patterns in a Path Crossing Scenario
C.Lichtenthaeler, A.Peters, S.Griffiths & A.Kirsch
14:30h to 14:50h Older people’s involvement in the development of a social assistive robot
S.Frennert, H.Eftring & B.Östlund
14:15h to 14:35h Affordance-Based Activity Placement in Human-Robot Shared Environments
F.Lindner & C.Eschenbach
15:00h to 15:15h Competition teaser 14:45h to 15:45h Competition show and coffee
15:15h to 16:15h Competition show and coffee 15:45h to 16:30h Panel discussion
Oral session C: “Human Robot Interaction” Oral session F: “Control, Sensing & Learning”
16:15h to 16:35h The ultimatum game as measurement tool for anthropomorphism in human-robot interaction
E.Torta, E.van Dijk, P.Ruijten & R.Cuijpers
16:30h to 16:50h Smooth Reaching and Human-like Compliance in Physical Interactions for Redundant Arms
16:35h to 16:55h Human-Robot Interaction between Virtual and Real Worlds: Motivation from RoboCup @Home
J.Tan, T.Inamura, K.Sugiura, T.Nagai & H.Okada
16:50h to 17:10h Real-time people tracking in crowded environments with range measurements
J.Correa, J.Liu & G.Yang
16:55h to 17:15h Head Pose Patterns in Multiparty Human-Robot Team-Building Interactions
M.Johansson, G.Skantze & J.gustafson
17:10h to 17:30h An Asynchronous RGB-D Sensor Fusion Framework using Monte-Carlo Methods for Hand Tracking on a Mobile Robot in Crowded Environments
S.McKeague, J.Liu & G.Yang
17:15h to 17:35h I Would Like Some Food: Anchoring Objects to Semantic Web Information in Human-Robot Dialogue Interactions
A.Persson, S.Coradeschi, B.Rajasekaran, V.Krishna, A.Loutfi & M.Alirezaie
17:30h to 17:50h Training a robot via human feedback: A case study
W.B.Knox, P.Stone & C.Breazeal
17:40h to 18:00h Conference Awards 18:00h to 18:15h Conference close and farewell
19:30h to close Conference Banquet
at Bordeaux Quay