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Confirmed Plenary Speakers | Interactive Presentations

Instructions for Authors

For a more engaging conference experience, we are introducing the interactive sessions in ICSR 2012.

Presenters for the Interactive Sessions are allotted timeslots for the pitch in the morning (11:45-12:15) and the presentations in the afternoon (15:10-16:00). Please note that the ICSR2012 awards committee will select the Best Presenters for the Interactive Sessions.

The Pitch

Each presenter has to make a 3-minute pitch to the audience to invite them to visit your exhibits in the afternoon. The pitch should be straight to the point and catchy. You are free to pitch your presentation without slides. Alternatively, you may use up to a maximum of 2 slides and one video clip. It would be ideal if your slides show photos or diagrams and have a maximum of 3 bullet points per slide. For those who would like to show slides or videos, please send to us your materials by the 26th of October 2012.

To upload your files, you can share them with sec.icsr@gmail.com through Dropbox*. Please name your folder according to the presentation timeslot in the program schedule. For example, for the paper “Imagery of Disabled People within Social Robotics Research", which will be presented on Monday 11:45 am, the following naming conventions are recommended:

Folder's file name: Monday1145
PPT's file name: Monday1145_slide
Video's file name: Monday1145_video

Please search for your schedule at the links below:
Monday: http://www.icsoro.org/pis-monday.html
Tuesday: http://www.icsoro.org/pis-tuesday.html

*The instructions for setting up a Dropbox account could be found at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/help/167/en.

The Interactive Presentation

You will have a chance to interact with your audience for 50 minutes in the program. Furthermore, this type of session is not like a typical poster presentation wherein the materials are static. Interactive Sessions will be located in one large room. You will be assigned an LCD projector, a small table and power source. You are encouraged to use these together with your own laptop to show videos or slideshows that can be set to a loop mode. You might also like to bring fliers or demonstrators (e.g. robots, devices, mock-ups) along.

Should you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to send an email to: sec.icsr@gmail.com.