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Congratulations to all the ICSR2012 Award Winners!

Awards were presented during the 4th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR2012) in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of social robotics.

Best Paper Award | Best Student Paper Award | Best Interactive Presentation Award
Robot Design Competition Award | Robot's Got Talent Competition Award

Best Paper Award

Manipulating Mental States Through Physical Action
Jesse GrayMIT, USA
Cynthia BreazealMIT, USA


User-Defined Body Gestures for Navigational Control of a Humanoid Robot
Mohammad Obaid

University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Augsburg University, Germany

Markus HäringAugsburg University, Germany
Felix KistlerAugsburg University, Germany
René BühlingAugsburg University, Germany
Elisabeth AndreAugsburg University, Germany
Keep an Eye on the Task! How Gender Typicality of Tasks Influence Human–Robot Interactions
Dieta KuchenbrandtBielefeld University, Germany
Markus HäringAugsburg University, Germany
Jessica EichbergAugsburg University, Germany
Friederike EysselBielefeld University, Germany
Does observing artificial robotic systems influence human perceptual processing in the same way as observing humans?
Agnieszka WykowskaLudwig-Maximilians Universität, Germany
Ryad ChellaliInstituto Italiano di Tecnologia-PAVIS, Italy
Md. Mamun Al-AminLudwig-Maximilians Universität, Germany
Hermann J. MüllerLudwig-Maximilians Universität, Germany