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The conference will also feature three tutorials that aim at training the next generation of social robotics researchers. Experts in the field will offer the tutorials and cover overviews of related work and multidisciplinary research methods in social robotics. Senior researchers will help students and others to expand their knowledge of social robotics and tools for conducting research in this area to participate.

More specifically, two tutorials will take place on the day before the conference: November 23.

Turorial A:
Joint Action for Social Robotics: How to Build a Robot that Works Together with Several Humans
Manuel Giuliani, Ron Petrick, Kerstin Huth, Amy Isard, Maria Pateraki, and Panos Trahanias
(more information)

Tutorial B:
Analyzing HRI Data
Manja Lohse, Sebastian Gieselmann, Sascha Griffiths, Katrin Lohan, Ingo L├╝tkebohle, Karola Pitsch, Nina Riether, Lars Schillingmann, Frederic Siepmann
(more information: pdf or website)

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