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Photo Slideshow

You can now take a look at the photo's taken at the conference.

Or read Ken MacLeod's blog piece on the ICSR 2011.

Proceeding ICSR 2011

The LNCS proceedings of the ICSR 2011 are available from the Springerlink website.

Program Booklet

The program booklet for the ICSR 2011 can now be downloaded from here.

Preliminary Program

A preliminary program of the ICSR 2011 is now available. Note that this is a preliminary program and therefore subject to change.

Maximum number of participants reached

The maximum number of allowed participants for the icsr 2011 has been reached. For further information please contact Jaap Ham?


The conference will also feature two tutorials that aim at training the next generation of social robotics researchers. Experts in the field will offer the tutorials and cover overviews of related work and multidisciplinary research methods in social robotics.


  • Joint Action for Social Robotics: How to Build a Robot that Works Together with Several Humans.
  • Analyzing HRI Data

For more information visit the tutorial page.

Registation is opened

Go to the registration page for more information.

Works-in-progress & design competition submission

Both work-in-progress and design competition work can be submitted.

The *Works-In-Progress* track welcomes research contributions in early stages of development. The four-page contributions will be made available to the attendees of the conference in the conference USB drive, but will not be archived, thus, allowing authors to maintain the copyright of their work until full publication. The WIP presentations will be made in the form of brief talks and optionally as poster presentations.

Design competition submissions are invited from design professionals, students (all levels), and scientists, not only from Industrial Design departments.In this 2nd Robot Design Competition, we invite you to create a social robot for the year 2020, an age where intelligent social robots built with consilience will grey the boundaries of human & machine interaction. In light of the theme "Alive!" of ICSR2011, the competition focuses on social robots of year 2020 that are integrated into the human physical and social environments and oer their users natural, auent, and purposeful interactions: Robots that come 'alive' in various respects.

Confirmed keynote speakers

Dr. Tomotaka Takahashi

Robot Designer and Professor

Tomotaka Takahashi creates, designs, and invents unique and original humanoids (Ropid, FT, Chroino, Neon). His passion for the cutting edge in robotics brings him into collaborations with other leaders in the field, researchers and corporations.

Mr. Ken MacLeod

Science Fiction Writer

Ken MacLeod is the multiple award-winning author of many science fiction novels, including the "Fall Revolution" quartet (collected in the twin omnibuses "Fractions and Divisions"), the "Engines of Light" trilogy (Cosmonaut Keep, Dark Light, and Engine City), and several stand-alone novels including "Newton's Wake", "Learning the World", and the recent "The Restoration Game". Born on the Scottish isle of Skye, he lives in Edinburgh.

Introduction to ICSR 2011

The International Conference on Social Robotics brings researchers and practitioners together to report and discuss the latest progress in the field of social robotics. The conferences focus on the interaction between humans and robots and the integration of robots into our society. The inaugural conference was held in Incheon, Korea (2009), and after the very successful ICSR2010 in Singapore, we are proud to invite you to the intriguing city of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The theme of the 2011 conference is "Alive!" It expresses the vitality of the social robotics research, paying particular attention to the development of robots that appear increasingly social -- the point that people perceive them to be alive. The conference aims to foster discussion on the development of computational models, robotic embodiments, and behavior that enable robots to act socially and the impact that social robots have on people and their social and physical environment.

Call For Papers
Please click here to read the full details.

The submission system is closed. The submissions are currently under review. If you are a meta-reviewer or a reviewer, please refer to the review guidelines.



November 24-25

Program Booklet

Poster ICSR2011

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