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Design Competition

2nd Robot Design Competition


1st Prize

iMirabilla - Taking Care of the Emotional Life of Hospitalized Children,

2nd Prize

INAMO - Towards a Future Imaginery Navigator, Japan

3rd Prize

HangulBot - An Edutainment Robot for Self-Directed Learning of Hangul, Korea.

Delegates Choice Award

HangulBot - An Edutainment Robot for Self-Directed Learning of Hangul, Korea.

Other Shortlisted Entries

3D Robotic Services
University Campus Security Robot Escort
WOW - the next generation of transportation
Social Cloud Robots

Congratulations to all winners & participants!

At the ICSR2011, Amsterdam. We witnessed the exciting 2nd Robot Design Competition unfoldwith quality submissions from across 9 countries.

Delegates at the ICSR2011 Conference were treated with high quality submissions at the Competition poster session. This year we saw submissions growing in the Healthcare and Children Edutainment sector. These submissions not only intrigued the Judges but also the Conference. Delegates whom went on to cast their votes for the Delegate's Choice Award. This successful 2nd installment is another small step towards consilience approach towards robotic innovation.

Once again we like to thank all the participants; & partners whom
supported us in one way or another to make this possible.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the ICSR2012, Chengdu,
China (http://icsoro.org/index.php).

Best Regards

Adrian Tay
on behalf of
ICSR2011 Robot Design Competition Chairs