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Keynote Speaker:
Prof Wang

Dr. Tianmiao Wang, Professor and Dean
School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

The Development of Service Robotic Technology in China


Improving the living condition and care model for the elderly is one of the major motivations for service robotic research. Service robots for elderly and disabled have been increasingly used in the last decades to assist the daily life and living nursing. In the first part of this plenary talk, first, the overall picture of the development and opportunities of the service robotics research in China, especially in the areas of service robots for elderly will be presented. Under the increasingly strong support of the national policy and financial aid, a great progress has been made in the robotic technology in service robots, professional use robots and domestic use robots have made in recent years. To overcome the shortcomings in the service robot development process, many innovative solutions have been proposed to improve the living convenience, health guide, recovery training and emergency handing for the elderly.

In the second part of this talk, the service robotics and aiding systems for elderly used at the Beijing Sijiqing Elderly Care Institution in Beijing will be introduced. They include the operation aid robot, waking aid robot, chair-bed integration-rehabilitation aid robot, cooking robot and smart living room system. It is anticipated that the R&D in service robot and applications with the strong support of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan and Twelfth Five-Year Plan in China will play a significant role in modernization of China in the 21st century.

Service robotics is not only the technical contest between countries in space,underwater and underground resources exploration, commanding heights of weapons and equipment, but also will become the strategic high-tech emerging industries that cause to intense competition between countries, including the help of aged and disabled, dangerous work, education and entertainment, and so on,it is an important part of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry in the future, and also a major opportunity due to the world’s high-tech industry development.


Dr. Tianmiao Wang is a Professor and Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA). He was the Director of the Robotics Institute at BUAA. Dr. Wang is a “Cheung Kong” Chair Professor appointed by the Ministry of Education of China and a member of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council of China. He is also the head of Expert Group on the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Area of the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Hi-Tech Program).He received the B.S degree in Xi’an Jiaotong University, and the M.S and the Ph.D degrees in the Northwestern Polytechnical University, in 1982 and 1990, respectively. He also worked as postdoctoral in the State Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Systems of Tsinghua University and the State Biomechanics Laboratory of Italy in 1992 and 1995, respectively. He is a member of IEEE and Chinese Robotics Society. His research areas are focused on the mirco-robots, medical robots, and embedded electromechanical control.


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