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Robot Design Competition

Design Brief

"my.robot" - live, play & learn

We invite you (not limited to Industrial Design undergrad, graduate & professionals) to create social robot (robot interactions) for the year 2020, an age where intelligent social robots built with consilience will grey the boundaries of human & machine interaction.

With the growing need for intelligent autonomous systems to improve human daily task/ well being, your innovation will shape how people interact with robots when robots are expected to be our companion in our daily environment/interaction (not limited to healthcare, service, entertainment, home, transport, sports and education)

This inaugural competition will consider submission within the context of social robots. Submission can be conceptual or work-in-progress concepts/prototypes.

Your entry should address innovative ideas that demonstrates (not limited to) creative use of technologies, intelligence, interactivity, adaptability as an overall concept application(s) that will impact/improve human tasks & well-being; which governs by laws of robotics(Isaac Asimov);

Some inspirational links:

About social robotics.
About human robot interaction.
About interaction design.
About biomimimcry.
About consilience.
About Laws of robotic.

Awards & Acknowledgement

The jury will select 3 winning entries that will receive cash prize awards:
First Prize: USD 1,000 (TBC)
Second Prize: USD 500 (TBC)
Third Prize: USD 200 (TBC)

All cash prize awards are paid gross/before income tax.
** A selected number of entries will be fabricated into a 1:5 scaled model of their design.

Please download design brochure to read the full details.

Competition Brochure:

Click here to download Robot Design Competition brochure.


Registration is open now, please click here.

Important Dates:

Submission deadline
1 Sep 2010

Shortlisted announcement
1 Oct 2010

Winner announcement
23/24 Nov 2010



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